Deaths and violations by the numbers


By Nazneen Zahan

Much has been said about Qatar’s road accident record. In recent years, Qatar’s high accident rates have caught the international community’s attention, instigating discussions among traffic experts and drivers. Below, you’ll find charts and graphs to help interpret the preliminary data provided by Qatar’s Statistics Authority and the Ministry of Interior’s Traffic Department.

Over the last four years, 2006 was the highest point, with traffic accident deaths reaching 270. However, over the years charted, the number of deaths has remained relatively constant.

The percentage of traffic accident deaths by nationality in Qatar is almost identical with the breakdown of population.

This graph shows the percentage of deaths caused by traffic accidents in Qatar over the last two years, and for comparison’s sake, the USA as well. While the percent of deaths in Qatar caused by accidents came down slightly last year, the graph shows in stark contrast how high that percentage remains compared to other countries.

This graph compares the number of traffic violations, drivers and vehicles on the road in Qatar in 2009 and 2010. The number of drivers is almost the same, but there are more cars on the road and the number of traffic violations committed has jumped by around 30 percent.

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  1. Syed says:

    You should also do a study that which nationality is causing accidental deaths. Which nationality has most serious traffic violations. I guess you all know it.


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